About Trehantiri

Trehantiri tavern located at Vatthy, on the Back street of the Central Square. Trehantiri serves both locals and tourists who are looking for some real homemade food like it has come from grandma's oven! It has been open over forty years and recently renovated. It offers local tradition and unique quality. All meat and wine used in the tavern are local! What makes Trehantiri this special is the big variety of traditional dishes with homemade traditional Greek cuisine and above all local recipes! The specialty of the restaurant is Goat "kleftiko" and the kid in the"gastra(pot)". In trehantiri you will find: fricassee, rooster cooked with wine, pasta, meatballs, giouvarlakia, macaroni pie, moussaka, pork oregano, pineapple sweet and sour pork, eggplant with feta cheese, beans, green beans, briam, okra, local herbs, chicken vlitapio of our own production in the oven , marinated anchovies, grilled sardines, savoro (local Ithacan recipe) and tzatziki and tyrokafteri we make by our own homemade recipe. Trehantiri now also has delivery at your place!

Tel number: +30 26740 33444

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